Fresh Start Foods

Fresh Start Foods is partnered with Drexel Food Studies to provide learning and exciting professional opportunities. This program is aimed at young adults who want to begin an apprenticeship which will turn into a rewarding career, even if they've previously had limited access to education and minimal job experience. Participants will be build meaningful skills, receive professional certifications, and have the chance to begin their food service career with our organization.

The Fresh Start Foods / Drexel Career Training model includes training on subjects including:

    Culinary Training

  • Basic skills
  • Principles of nutrition and meal planning
  • Food safety and sanitation
  • Equipment
  • Customer service
  • Recipe development

    Life Skills Program

  • Computer literacy
  • Problem solving
  • Budget and money manegement
  • Team building
  • Public Speaking
  • Research

All participants who complete the training program will receive the following certifications:

  • ServSafe┬« Food Safety Manager Certification
  • Food Handler
  • Food production manager
  • NRAEF Customer Service Certification

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