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Healthy Communities Initiative


Healthy Communities is a five-year community-based initiative with the goal of building a culture of cooperation that changes a community’s wellbeing. The goal is that communities learn to work smarter and more effectively in managing local challenges.

Programming will demonstrate how a comprehensive approach to learning and experiencing smart economic and healthful life practices will lead over time to positive change in a community’s life.

The initiative calls for a working partnership of local organizations and institutions - school, healthcare provider, social agency - and community members willing to commit to and take responsibility for producing their desired changes.

The initiative’s success will be determined by participants’

  • recognition that the only way to make change possible is to acknowledge the need, identify the necessary steps to make improvements and commit to act on those learnings;
  • agreement to take on the mission as they define it as their own;
  • understanding of their respective roles and responsibilities to the whole;
  • determination to uphold commitments made to the work and to each other.


  • An experiential participative planning process involving all the interested parties that informs and shapes the work going forward.
  • A multi-dimensional course curriculum focused on current community issues and health practices.
  • Academic and experiential learning in the areas of food, health, leadership and consumer best practices.
  • Startup of a school- and community-operated culinary enterprise.
  • A school-based community garden operated by community members.
  • Extensive outreach to parents and community members through an interactive program of group cooking and healthful living experiences.
  • Workshops in leadership and group work.
  • A research component to measure health and life-style changes and evaluate program effectiveness.

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